Stuart Lennon

Writing about stuff

A fine body of men…and me. A cracking few days golf in Trethorne. A huge thank you to these guys for putting up with me, and a massive thumbs up to the tireless Colin, who organised the whole thing. Love your work!

Battersea. I whizzed by on the train. The cranes made me think of robotic surgeons fussing over the ageing hulk of the power station. Perhaps forgetting my AirPods is not such a bad thing after all. How much of the world do I miss?

I commute rarely up to the big city. Every time I do, I forget my AirPods. It’s becoming a tradition. Not one that I’m fond of, but one nevertheless. I’m faced with the alarming prospect of doing some work, rather than listening to podcasts.

The headbutt is a powerful weapon executed correctly, but risky if not. There’s a man, sitting, blood pouring from his head, who would have profited from this insight. “Never butt a shorter man.” The top of the skull is granite-like. A joy to see aggression backfire spectacularly

WH Smith, Winchester, has moved its fountain pens and stationery to the front of the store. A sign that more people see analogue as an important part of a largely digital future? Oh, and In other news, two guys playing ‘Paint it Black’ on Spanish guitars is surprisingly catchy.

How do you decorate a toilet cubicle? In Belfast, you cover it in pennies. Very cool. The coffee at this little place was great too.

Stub time. There’s something satisfying about working a pencil down to the stub. I feel industrious. And… I get to choose a new pencil to use.😉 It’s the little things…

Belfast. We took a tour of the Peace Wall, erected in 1969 to keep two distrustful communities apart. Each picture is of a hero/villain, depending on your point of view. The tour is educational, shocking and in turn terrifying and inspirational.

Tomorrow, I’m off to Belfast. A couple days to explore a new city with the Missus, catch up with my podcast buddy TJ, and who knows, maybe even have a cheeky wee beverage or two. Weather set fair. Any must visit spots?

Smoke on the water…Those of a certain vintage are now hearing a specific guitar riff. What a song! A chilly but beautifully-lit start to the day in sunny Hampshire this morning. This going to work habit; very demanding time-wise, isn’t it?