Stuart Lennon

Writing about stuff

El Porco, Tubby-Custard, Fat Girl.

Three of the many and numerous nicknames that I have had over the years.

Now, let me be clear. These names were used in jest and by people that know me well. No offence was intended or taken. Nevertheless, I would recommend caution before you try any of those on for size; you could end up with a punch in the nose.

The point is that my frame was…on the ample side.

In fact, my frame is still on the ample side. I have lost 55 pounds over the last 6 months, but I’m still not where I want to be.

Partially, this post is a brag. I have lost some weight, and I feel good about it. I’m celebrating buying a jacket with no x’s in the size.

Perhaps I should be putting an affiliate link or two here, guiding you all to the magic formula.

Instead, I’ll say this.

I started with a notebook and writing some goals.

Then I wrote some steps that I was confident that I could take to move me closer to those goals.

  1. Drink water
  2. Eat slowly and deliberately
  3. Walk to work
  4. Avoid processed sugars
  5. Reduce processed food

If you want to lose weight, start there.

Take it from Tubby-Custard.

Listening to Braveheart, an album by the Red Hot Chilli Pipers. Now, I’m prepared to admit that some drink has been taken, but these are some superb tunes, on bagpipes. Get your Tam o’ Shanter on, and rock out.🤟

I love getting mail. Especially mail from TJ who is inventive and thoughtful to the extreme. Things here that I would never get for myself, but will enjoy immensely. Star Wars Bic Pens? Awesome.

Spent the day at the London Stationery Show. There was some drooling over classic brands, beautifully displayed. However, most exciting was to meet young brands and their creators. The passion and creativity on Show was inspiring. I look forward to working with some of these innovators at Nero’s Notes.

Supper. Since I’m usually looked after by the incredible cook that is Margaret, a bit of steak is about all I can manage to cook these days. I shall struggle on regardless…

Some olives, a glass of wine and the papers. A wonderful way to while away an hour or two. Steak for supper later, too. Cheers!

A deer. Giving me a look that says “What you doing up, human?” It seems Southern Britain’s mini heatwave is coming to an end. I hope that wasn’t actually summer..

Look at me, all grown up. 🙄 On the 0705 train to London. I’ll be honest, I prefer the pedestrian commute to Nero’s Notes, but hey, a change is as good as a rest.😁

Today, I’m chilled, working as Nero’s Notes. Playing with pencils and notebooks. I’m also packing my bag for tomorrow, recertification of my qualification in anti money laundering. Buttoned up, in a suit. Ho-hum. has turned me into a keen observer of nature, which is no bad thing. Blossom outside the village shop. I’m aware how lucky I am to be able to see this each day.