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A letter from a friend. A highlight of the week, for which I’m very grateful. I’m a lucky, lucky guy.

Who’d a thunk it? Damp, chilly, misty start to the day gave no clue that Spring was speeding towards us. Bucolic afternoon stroll and all is well with the world.

This morning, the hound and I walked a circuit of the village in mist. Hardly Spring-like, but refreshing nonetheless. One of Nero’s most endearing qualities, is that he finds it impossible to walk past a pub. Although closed, something caught my eye on the table outside…

Back again. My last attempt at an inline link, alas, failed. I was forced to read the help function. No, really. It seems that Jet Pack May be the answer to my WordPress woes. Once more into the breach Nero’s Notes

Now then. Embarrassingly, I’m not sure how to insert an inline link here on the app. Asking for help is, of course, completely out of the question, (as is asking for directions or referring to instruction manuals,) so I shall use trial and error. [Neros Notes](

Spring huh? In fairness, the forecast is positive, but right now, neither the dog nor I is terribly motivated to take our morning constitutional. Nevertheless, we shall strike out into the mist together. Best way to start a weekend. Good morning all!

May I formally declare Friday evening open? Looking forward to food with friends, a glass or two of wine and lots of laughter. Cheers everybody!

Friday afternoon. Good to get the desk in a semblance of order. The task now is to get the digital side of the desk as tidy. That, may take a little longer.

Getting ready to record 1857 – a digital recording and broadcast about the analogue. No irony there at all🙄 Also casually revealing some of the podcasts that I listen to. One or two of them, I even understand.

Recording an episode of 1857 tonight, talking about notebooks and how we use them. Episode 13. Or should it be 12.2?😉