Stuart Lennon

Writing about stuff

Just when you think you know what is happening, along comes life.

I had amended social profiles to boldly state ‘Writer’. I have even ordered business cards that are militantly UN-corporate.

It felt good. Bold. Decisive.

Literally the next day, a dear friend whom I have worked with in the past got in touch. They are immersed in an exciting project and could really do with a hand.

By the time lunch has finished, I am back in the mad world of financial services and compliance.

Suddenly, Sean is on the back burner.

Today, I am taking the long suffering Mrs L on a well deserved (by her) break. A week in the sun.

Sean will get some attention too – as he adjusts to having a little more competition for my time.stock-photo-compliance-word-cloud-216482392

Let’s face it – a truly first world problem! It is great to be ‘wanted’ and I daresay many would be delighted to have this ‘problem’.

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A New Blogging Home for the budding author

Here we are – my first post on a shiny new website. I have transferred from a Go Daddy ‘Website Builder’ to a WordPress site. I am now trying to learn how to use it. If anyone is reading this – then I have successfully learned how to publish a blog post. Hurrah!
Now, off to work out what should be soon a Meta tag.