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That is the Danube flowing between Buda and Pest.

I have two first drafts. Catchily titled “Sean 1” and “Sean 2”. The first was completed in a burst of writing in October. The second is my NaNoWriMo novel; blitzed out entirely in November.

I suspect that they are both quite crap. I am reassured that this is almost invariably the case and that the real work comes, not in producing a first draft, but in editing and rewriting until that draft becomes a polished bit of writing.

I have had a couple of weeks off and Sean 1 was done and dusted a month and a half ago. I have some distance. I feel ready to think about some editing.

I have been taking a course in editing with the fantastic Anne Rainbow. Well worth looking at her site for information on Scrivener (excellent software to write on) and Red Pen Training (Anne’s approach to editing).

The first question that I need to address is:

“Do I have two first drafts or, two halves of one first draft?”

I had intended to pose this question here in the blog, on twitter tonight at #writingchat, and by email to Anne. However, in looking out the photo above and writing this post, I arrived at the answer all on my own.

Buda and Pest were born as separate cities. As more and more bridges were built across the Danube, they became interdependent, until at last they came to be known as Budapest. So it is with Sean 1 and 2.

Right now, I have a big chunky first draft that needs some pruning.

Time to get to work.


Patsy says:

Two drafts? One big one? Either way, you have something to work on.

Stuart says:

Definitely one big one. I have it all in one big cork board now. Time to look at the balance now. I’m looking forward to it.

Sam says:

As with most European cities, Budapest has seen quite a few bust-ups in its past. As different empires rose and fell, so the battles raged over the Pearl of the Danube.

So, I would expect many more battles to be raged before your pearl will shine bright!!


Stuart says:

Deep Sam. Deep. May your powder be deep and your beer icy cold.

Matty says:

Enough of cork boards! You need to pull corks ! Perhaps you should come and visit Budapest again on a mission to ensure the facts in the final draft (s) are correct…..

Stuart says:

No doubt more research will be required!

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