Stuart Lennon

Writing about stuff

Podcasts. I’m enjoying the Micro Monday ‘microcast’, catching up. Added in to my growing podcast list.

A sheep, in sheep’s clothing. A small flock of these brown-coated beauties live on a small-holding that I pass each day as I walk to work. I could swear that there’s a familiarity in their tone as the bleat at me now.

Both the pencil and the bottle are exhausted. Time for bed. Congratulations to Patrick Reed. Masters Champion 2018. Well-Played, Sir.👍👏

“Reservoir Cows”. There is vague menace in the implacable stare of a pair of cows.

The Flowering Cherry

Spring is here.

Walking the dog this morning, I caught sight of blossom on my neighbour’s cherry tree. Did they arrive overnight? I must practice ‘looking’, half the time I’m in a daze, I think.

Catching up with my favourite podcasts on Also, trying to get my WordPress site to play nice with

Something fishy going on here😉

Cornwall, last month. It was freezing cold, but the skies were so clear.

Sunset at Curium Beach, Episkopi Cyprus. Seems longer than a week ago

Testing Themes

I’m looking at lots of different themes. The site is going to get a professional working over next month, so I’m taking the opportunity to experiment a little. Simplicity is attractive. This will do for the moment. I’m off for a look around the web.