Some time off!

Stuart Lennon. Abbots Ann, Hampshire. April 21st 2015. Copyright Warren James Palmer. 044 1264 848 056
Stuart Lennon. Abbotts Ann, Hampshire. April 21st 2015. Copyright Warren James Palmer. 044 1264 848 056

The above is me. Dashing, I know.

As a good friend once said of me;

“A fine figure of two men.”

I have left the picture credit on for Warren James – who is a fantastic photographer and charming man to boot. Warren is sensible enough to have chosen to live and work in Brittany – but still comes back to the UK to muck about with flying machines and make subjects look far better than they have any right to look.

Over the last few weeks, I have done no novel writing and no blogging.

I have been catching up on all sorts of other things that needed catching up on and as the title of this post suggests, I have taken a little time off being a writer.

Some time off is, I think, essential. I am feeling recharged, re-energised and focused. Even the garden is looking a bit better.

Somehow or other I am being lured back into the corporate world, and although suspicious, in many ways, I am pleased.

Work has always been important to me and how I define myself.

More inspiring than this though is that work gets me sparking.

Whatever it is that is responsible for the desire to create something, to imagine a storyline or write a chapter is ignited in me by human contact, by negotiation, by solving problems.

I am discovering that balance is vital to me. Some time working, some time writing and some time off. Each element feeds the others.

How do you keep balanced?


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Blogging From A to Z Challenge


That’s it.

I have completed the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

26 posts, a post for each week day and Saturday in April.

I have visited in excess of 200 blogs. Some that I have enjoyed, some that have completely mystified me and one or two that have shocked me.

I have got a little more comfortable with the ‘craft’ of blogging, how to post, how to make a post attractive to search engines and how to comment. I think that this will be useful.

Annoyingly, I have also learned that I will need to change my theme (again). The one that I am using here is a free theme and thus a little limited.

There are some blogs out there that are stunning to look at.

Should you require highly unusual features, such as words not splitting over the end of a line, then you need to ‘add some code’ or purchase a theme that automatically does this. I concede that I find it difficult to believe that there is much of a blogging market that intentionally uses a theme incapable of justifying text, but perhaps I am old fashioned that way.

Last time that I attempted a theme change – I bombarded my Facebook wall and twitter account with hundreds of automated messages.

Brace yourselves.

A lesson has been how easy it is to find myself doing a million and one things. In fact ANY thing that is NOT writing a novel.

But that is for another post.

Time for a lie down.