Members 40. Returned from El Camino

I am returned from the camino. This will be the last post on it, until we get to camino V, next year. I promise. I write the last post before I went. How did reality match up to my expectation? My writing is supported by people like you. The remainder of this post is reserved […]

Members 39. Camino Peace

My annual Camino has become my favourite week of the year. Although the route is a pilgrimage, I’m not a pilgrim. I am not a man of faith, nor am I a strident atheist. My writing is supported by people like you. The remainder of this post is reserved for Members. Membership costs £12 per […]

Living the Dream – 14. On Camino

The Camino de Santiago. This post will, through the magic of wordpress, go live as I am finishing up a thirty two kilometre walk from Sahagún to Religeos. If you want to know more about the Camino, and why I’m walking it, click the ‘Camino’ category on the page and you’ll get a list of […]

Camino 2: Rioja

What Ho! It’s on. Later this year, the Front Row will pick up where it left off and walk another week of the camino. Dates have been agreed, flights have been purchased. The Belligerent Basque is primed and ready to go. (Isn’t he always?) Both Props were delighted to hear that the first camino marked […]

The Camino

Been a bit quiet here. Mostly because I have been blogging here. I’m off on a walk. In memory of the man in the collage above, Terry Anderson. I’m not alone, I will be walking with friends. Laurent Gauduchau, Jean-Christophe Poussou and Stuart Smith. We all knew Terry through the Prague Barbarians Rugby Club. Last […]

The Camino de Santiago

“We could go for a walk, I suppose.” “Aye.” I replied, raising yet another toast to Terry, whose funeral I was to attend the following morning. So was set in motion our pilgrimage. Stuart and Stuart (you think you are confused? Try being us.) are going for a walk. The Camino de Santiago For any […]

Members 42. Middle-Age 2. Take a hike

I wrote last week about quitting smoking. Walking was a side-effect of that. A real danger of quitting an addiction is replacing that addiction with another. There will always be people and companies who want to profit from your addiction. Take a look at the vaping industry; most of which is now owned by the […]

Living the Dream – 65. Autumn

Autumn is here. Meteorologists are in Autumn from September 1st. Some people look for the leaves to change colour on the trees. My Autumn begins when I return from the camino. September is often still hot, but gets cooler as the month goes on. October is still dry and warm, and makes for a good […]