This week I honoured a promise made on #writingchat

#writingchat is weekly meet up on twitter, Wednesday 2000 hours UK time for writerly types. There are some great people there – come along. Just use the hashtag.

I submitted a short story into a competition for the first time. I am not telling you which one. I will report back once the results are published.

Actually, I promised to enter and win a writing competition in 2016.

Although, I am convinced that the story is, in fact, a masterpiece, I am prepared to accept that it is unlikely to win. I can’t win the first competition that I enter, surely?

Therefore, I am working on several ideas at the moment. Naturally, I am scouring the literary world for competitions with extremely few entrants.

I have even written a poem.

No. Really. I have. I am going to enter that into a competition too.

One thing that has come from the entering of competitions is that I have started to use ‘Red Pen’, an editing system and ProWritingAid, an app. I will post a review here soon.

Before I go…

Further to my post about medical studies, I came across another on twitter this morning, courtesy of @lifehacker and @beccacaddy all about people over 65 and sarcasm. The study found that the over 65s don’t get it. Really?

Most of the over 65s I know can cut me to shreds with sarcasm.

10 thoughts on “In it to win it.

  1. Well, someone’s got to win it! No reason why it can’t be you, Stuart.
    I’ve entered two comps so far in January. It might be a case of pistols raised at dawn…

    Good luck (unless you’re competing against me)!


    1. Oh…like that is it? Could we do a bit later than dawn? An uncivilised hour what? Tell you what, come over for some lunch, we’ll risk an extra Jereboam of bubbly and if either of us can still talk – declare the winner?

  2. Of course we can Stuart! Well done for actually starting on your quest. Must follow your example. If you don’t write you can’t win. Can’t imagine you putting the kettle on though!

  3. Stuart wrote a poem,
    T’wern’t really his forte,
    But he’d made a vague promise,
    To win somefink, someday.

    And so he scattered his words,
    Out across the ether,
    Dreaming of the glory,
    And golfing in Ibeefa.

  4. I wrote a poem once too! I hear the Chiltern Writers competition doesn’t have many entries, but you have to be a member of Chiltern Writers, which may be a problem for you. Although I actually have no idea where you live!

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