Organised Crime is about profit.

Status and power have a role, but ultimately Organised Crime Groups exist to get rich.

Ever since the FBI used tax evasion laws to nab and imprison Al Capone, criminals have strived to make their money appear legitimate. It must be quite galling to make millions from one’s nefarious activities but be unable to spend any of it.

Money Laundering is making the proceeds of crime appear legitimate.

In the best ever debut novel written by me, the hero, Sean has an opportunity to partner some unsavoury people as their laundry man. He is faced with a decision.

Straightforward you would think. Sean can do the right thing or the wrong thing.

I’m not sure that things are quite as black and white as that. Motive is a very difficult thing to pin down. Often different people have different definitions of what they see as right or wrong.

Let me leave you with a few questions to think on.

  1. Have you ever paid a tradesman in cash for a lower price? “Let’s call it a hundred for cash?”
  2. Bought cheap duty free cigarettes or booze from a friend?
  3. Picked up designer label jeans from a street market?
  4. Watched a pirated movie?

Quite probably all crimes.

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6 thoughts on “M is for Money Laundering

  1. It’s amazing how easily we can persuade ourselves that things are OK if we do them, especially on a small scale. ‘It’s just this once’ ‘everyone else does it’ or ‘I’m not making any money out of it’ are seen as valid excuses.

  2. The black economy is a curious thing, when i pay a tradesman in cash I can comfort myself that his tax return is own affair, so who am i to judge his morality. Does this excuse my ignorance or am i condoning and encouraging wrong-doing? Is it a matter of degree, after all he hasn’t killed anyone?

    On the other hand if he is trade then i am hardly likely to engage him in any conversation, leaving all that to the butler.

    1. That is indeed the question that your butler must consider. By ‘turning a blind eye’ is he an accessory to tax evasion – starving the NHS of funds?

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