I know that this is obvious, but Organised Crime is not a good thing.

It is worth writing down, because Organised Crime has had, and still has, some fantastic PR. All sorts of romantic associations of Organised Crime as a brotherhood, as a family, as a coping strategy. Lovely ideas, but all nonsense.

Organised Crime is made up of nasty, grubby, greedy criminals.

Researching into Organised Crime for my novel, I was struck by how err…, organised these groups are. Long before management consultants were extolling ‘flat, responsive, management structures’ and ‘smart creatives’, Organised Crime was growing, spreading and diversifying. I can admire the ambition, scope and efficiency of these groups, but I am under no illusions as to the true nature of them.

The Godfather, The Sopranos and the like were great entertainment but they downplayed the true nature of Organised Crime. It trades in human misery. It enslaves, tortures, rapes and brutalises without compunction.

Increasingly, criminal activities are one aspect of wide-ranging organisations that contain many legal enterprises, giving the whole an appearance of legitimacy that obscures the true nature.

In my novel, set in the 1990s, Sean meets one of these organisations in Central Europe. What begins as exciting and fun becomes something else entirely.

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4 thoughts on “O is for Organised Crime

  1. Like the pic 🙂 I think a lot of the time we romanticise horrible things (vampires, organised crime, hunting animals for glory, etc.) as a coping mechanism, never realising the damage we do to ourselves or others by brushing the badness off as “it’s not that bad”. As writers, we have the opportunity to say: “yeah, vampires exist and are gorgeous – but they kill babies, so don’t fall in love with them”. Which can be a metaphor for bad taste in men… I’ll still be watching Dexter and the Vampire Diaries, though – “it’s not that bad”…

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