Quixotic – Extravagantly chivalrous. (

Acting with the desire to do noble things without realism. (Wiktionary)

In the best debut novel ever written by me, the protagonist, Sean has a bit of the quixotic about him. In many ways, it is an attractive trait. Nobility is appealing, I think.

In Sean, I am never sure whether he is quixotic by compulsion or convenience. After all, an overblown desire to do noble things can also be a cover for other, less lofty, motivations. Perhaps I am unfair to the lad. you will have to read the novel to find out.

I have noticed how all the major political parties in the UK are getting quixotic about pensions now. To look after our senior citizens is indeed a noble cause. Given that I am heading in that direction myself, I’m all for it. However, at some point, somebody needs to inject a bit of realism.

As a society, we now spend enormous sums of money on life-enhancing and prolonging medicine and treatment. In the UK, much of this is funded by the public purse through the NHS. As a result of this amazing work, people live longer. Drawing a pension – again funded by the public purse.

Either the public purse needs to get bigger or we are going to need to have a rethink about pensions and health.

Still – quixotic. Great word.

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6 thoughts on “Q is for Quixotic

  1. I think that grasping toe-rag Mr Osborne has already taken large steps as he equalises the male and female pension age and defers the drawing until 67; but a young whipper-snapper such as yourself will probably have to wait until you are 80 by which time the (by then) non-indexed pension will buy you a small latte in Costa!!

  2. They are already under a lot of flak because one huge tranche of women in their 50s were not told they would not be getting their pension till 65 or 66 and have nothing to live on at all from age 60, if they cannot work on, or start work in the case of carers etc. It’s outrageous. Yes – I’m amazed at the effort that goes into finding ways of getting us to live forever when n fact it would be a complete disaster for every system the world works under. Hello Stuart, Liz from TB and Liz from

    1. Hi Liz! Any change to pensions needs to be done decades in advance – which is counter-intuitive to a politician looking to get elected for 4 year terms. Oops.

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