A-to-Z Reflection [2016]


The A to Z challenge is difficult. I tried to find a perfect post length, long enough to make a point, but brief enough that people find it easy to finish.

This year, I had completed all of my posts in advance, which made the experience less stressful. However, one of my reflections is that I felt more detached from the challenge this year, undoubtedly because I was not writing a post each day.

That said – I am not sure that I have enough to say to post every day. I am reasonably certain that few people have time to come by and read every day. I am absolutely certain that I do not have time to write something every day.

There is an inherent danger that a focus on quantity adversely impacts quality, and for that reason, I am not sure that the challenge is for me any more.

Does that mean that the challenge is no good? No, it doesn’t.

The challenge is an excellent way to practise discipline and to generate some traffic to the blog. My reflections on the exercise have also made me think about how to publicise my blog posts.

Many people that read my posts, do it from another platform – Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. Tempting though it is to release multiple messages on each of these platforms directing readers to the blog – it quickly becomes wearing on those people who are connected to me on those platforms.

I greatly enjoyed the challenge this year, but I suspect that I will not do it next year. My focus will be to post regularly – but advertise selectively. I am grateful to have learned that.



2 thoughts on “Reflections on the A to Z Challenge

  1. Hi Stuart … from your blog readers perspective, the only issue I see with the A-Z challenge is the quantity. I signed up to your newsletter which comes what? Once a month or so … the last newsletter I got you were at the start of the challenge … Now you’ve finished but I haven’t received another newsletter yet – I reckon by the time I do there’s gonna be around 25+ posts to read which is a tad too many for one sitting! So I agree, quality over quantity please!

    Now, I usually only venture over here when I get my newsletter and as stated, I haven’t received one for a while so what am I doing here? Well … this morning I checked my Google Now cards (fab app on my phone – some of us still like technology lol) and there was one stating there was an update on stuartlennon.com …

    Google is doing your advertising for you! I think that means your famous?

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