A bit dusty in here…Time for a Reboot

Eh up! It’s been a while since I posted anything in here. I’ve been busy. It’s high-time for a reboot.

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Firstly, NerosNotes is keeping me occupied and in turns, delighted or stressed. Growing a business is hard work, and requires a whole load of focus and attention to detail. Two things that I have always found challenging.

Additionally, outside of work, I have managed to lose a bit of weight and get a lot fitter. This made the second camino week a lot easier than the first – and I’m really looking forward to the third, in September 2018. Huge credit to Mrs L, who has worked tirelessly menu planning and cooking to transform our diet, and consequently our size.

All of the above has meant that I have not been updating this page. That will change, and I am producing lots of content, just in different places.


These days, I’m more often than not, found on all the social things as @stulennon or @nerosnotes, or both. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

There’s a new thing called micro.blog which looks fun. Seek me out there @stulennon.micro.blog

Should you wish to hear me talk nonsense, rather than have to read it, I do daily updates on Anchor

Alternatively, I record a weekly podcast with TJ Cosgrove – and you can find that wherever you get your podcasts or at 1857

There. Plenty of ways to track me down.

2 thoughts on “A bit dusty in here…Time for a Reboot

  • Reply Bakon 15th March 2018 at 2:29 pm

    The picture gives a subtle hint to hair coloring going on here. In the background is a clue. Something is missing in your hair….

    As for thinner, how is that possible with you on permanent vacation. Trips every other week with the only photography going on is your meal?

    Looking good Burrito.

    • Reply Stuart 15th March 2018 at 2:35 pm

      Hair colouring? Me? No chance Bakon. Too tight with my cash.?

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