‘Last month, I wrote a book, one hundred and twenty four blog posts and made six hundred and eighteen thousand dollars.’

Well done! It is always nice to see a fellow writer do well.

There are a few claims like the above out there. Gurus who have cracked the secrets of making gazillions from writing ‘by following these few simple steps’.

One of the few simple steps is, of course, to wire some money to the guru.

I am an open-minded sort of guy and have read a few of these ‘written-in-a-month’ books. My overriding feeling on finishing is always ‘what did you do with the other twenty nine days?’

I’m sure that there are writers out there who write fast, edit quickly and publish in a heartbeat. I’m sure that they have produced brilliance. I just haven’t found any yet.

I can tell you from experience that there are definitely writers out there who write fast, edit quickly and publish in a heartbeat. They produce crap.

Books that have moved me contain years of work. Years of thought, years of experience, years of work. The drafting might not take years, but the process as a whole does. At least that is my perception.

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One thought on “Y is for Years

  1. I agree. There are usually a whole heap of typos and grammatical errors in their posts too!
    There’s a mantra at the moment – publish short and publish often, and ‘help-books’ about writing a series (in which the same story is effectively told time and again, just with different characters) – seven sons all needing to find the one woman in the world with whom they can be psychically matched and thereby beat bad guys… this naturally spawns seven books, one for each son. Sighs.
    Keep up the quality work!
    [ps it’s snowing here as I type… 29/4 and snowing…]

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